Netfall: Video-on-Demand

Netfall is a modern and worldwide available video-on-demand service for creative independent films and webseries of high quality.

The whole globe as audience

Netfall is available internationally. It supports any number of languages and is available in German and English at the moment. The implementation of further languages is in the process. At this point we are working on a translation into Spanish.

To give an account of films and series beyond their original language as authentically as possible, we deliberately do not dub into other languages, but provide translated subtitles.

Modern technologies and appealing handling

Netfall ist built upon modern technology and has a modular architecture. Its public API enables the integration of the service into any web-enabled device, even through third-party developers. Traditionally in the browser, as an app for SmartTVs, android-smartphones or tablets, iPhone & iPads: whatever you imagine. In fact, an integration into car-entertainment-systems is as well possible and not challenging at all.

At the moment, the browser interface is available, which is distinguished by its appealing, unique design and its easy handling. It automatically adapts to the screen size of the used device – be it a smartphone or a high-resolution tv. We are currently working on both an android app and an app for iOS. An app for AppleTV and for Samsung SmartTVs is also in the stage of planning.

Creative and independent content

Netfall offers access to unique, independently produced films and series. Our aim is to entertain our customers with breathtaking and immersive films and series.

Netfall is the biggest supporter of the German webseries movement. We are the main sponsor of the first German festival for series, Die Seriale. Besides, we are supporting Webfest Berlin, Wendie Webfest Hamburg, the german initiative UnsereSerien, as well as the business network Netzwerk Serienmacher & Kreativwirtschaft Hessen.

Close to the audience

Thanks to our widespread commitment in the film scene we have the chance to directly apporoach our audience. We choose our marketing strategies with care and deliberately rely on creative ways of marketing.

The digital distribution allows us to sell content both via internet and locally sell coupon codes that can be redeemed on the website. At present, we are working on an affiliate program that makes it possible for websites to promote our contents, which will in turn receive a provision in case of successful sales.

Fair conditions and personal contact

Similar to the successful games platform Steam, we’ve chosen eletronic-sell-through as business model. This means that the customer purchases desired films and series once and can watch them as often as wanted.

We aim for long and ongoing business connections with our partners. We are proud to offer fair contracts to movie and series producers. As mediators of films and series we only take a provision of the selling price – the film maker receives the rest.

Basis for a joint future?

Are you interested to use our platform to make your films and series available to your audience? We are looking forward to hearing from you. Our contact person in this case is Julian Hansmann, who can be reached via email to, as well as by phone on +49 721 60952058.

You can try Netfall noncommittal! If you register, you will receive a free welcome package. Our service is available on the following internet address: